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woman balancing on beach with vertigo

Often times my patients seem to confuse the terms vertigo and dizziness as these two symptoms can be caused by a number of ear conditions including diseases of the inner ear, viral infections, and more. However, by defining the symptom correctly, we can better diagnose the underlying condition in order to provide the best treatment approach.

Vertigo is the feeling of movement, even when neither you nor your surroundings are moving. Most often, patients will feel like they are spinning or suddenly and violently off balance. This often leads to difficulties walking, rolling over in bed, bending over and looking up. Additionally, these movements can cause other symptoms like nausea.

Dizziness can often make one feel like they are going to pass out. It can also be associated with a sensation of floating, woozy, disoriented, and can sometimes be described as lightheadedness. Additionally, patients will mention a sense of imbalance or disequilibrium as well.

When a person experiences dizziness, it does not always mean they suffer from vertigo caused by an inner ear problem. In many cases, this sensation can be caused by everyday experiences such as dehydration, motion sickness, or even changes in blood pressure. If however, you have regular dizzy spells, that should warrant a visit to your Primary Care Specialist.

The good news is that both vertigo and dizziness are treatable with conservative measures by an expert who specializes in this field. Overall, there are a number of tests and examinations that can be performed to provide the right treatment approach. Treatment will depend on the underlying conditions of the inner ear, but most patients will experience relief sooner than you think.

If you or your loved ones have been experiencing either vertigo or dizziness, Kintsugi Physical Therapy & Wellness can help get you back on track for better function and well being so you don’t have to just live with vertigo or dizziness.

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