Stretching & Mobility Program

This Stretch and Mobility Program is for anyone who is feeling stiff, tight, sore, achy, and noticing that their mobility is lacking in any area of their body.  Are your muscles stiff and sore?  Does your body feel tight and constricted?  Are you feeling stress, tension and tightness in your body?, Do you sit most of your day?  If so, this program was created JUST FOR YOU!

Stretching your muscles is essential for good health, superior performance, and optimal movement. We all know that “Motion is Lotion” but the right type of stretching and therapist assisted stretches are the best for maintaining lasting gains in mobility.  The best part is that we do the stretching for you!  You will experience freedom of movement in your body like never before.  

Headed by our very own Lori Kellum, PTA, NASM Certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach.  We will utilize various forms of stretching from passive to active assisted to active and finally with a combination of percussion therapy coupled with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, you will improve not only your range of motion but blood flow to your muscles and ultimately motor control and strength.

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