Pilates is the ultimate in dynamic spinal stabilization, which involves full body, multi-joint, multi-plane, and multi-positional exercises. It is a comprehensive system, which improves all facets of movement quality: strength, flexibility, coordination, precision, control, endurance, and breath.

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How Does Pilates Rehab Work?

Pilates utilizes several unique apparatus and over 500 exercises geared to special needs.

Emphasizes Core Trunk Muscles:

  • Transverse/Oblique/Rectus Abdominis
  • Quadratus Lumborum
  • Deep Postural Muscles
  • Spine Extensors And Rotators
  • Scapular Stabilizers
  • Gluteals
  • Hip Adductors
  • Hip External Rotators
  • Pelvic Floor

Pilates promotes motor control via:

  • isometric muscle actions
  • concentric muscle actions
  • eccentric muscle actions
  • Pilates promotes stimulation in kinesthetic, proprioceptive, tactile, and visual senses.
  • Pilates facilitates functional rehabilitation in peripheral joints through open/closed kinetic chain in supine, prone, sitting, kneeling, standing, and on all fours.
  • Pilates progresses from basic to intermediate, advanced, and super advanced levels via neutral spine stabilization to segmental dynamic control of the spine.

Who Benefits?

  • Patients with musculoskeletal injuries: spinal dysfunctions; post surgical peripheral joint dysfunctions; ankle strain/sprain; osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; PFS.
  • Patients with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus.
  • Patients with poor postures and alignments: scoliosis; excessive kyphosis and lordosis; forward head; genu valgum; genu varus; hyper/hypo mobility.
  • High level athletes: dancers, ice skaters, swimmers, tennis players, ball players, hikers, mountain climbers.
  • Performing artists: singers, actors, musicians.
  • People of all ages who need better body awareness and mechanics at home or work.

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