Christi Riley


Doctor of Physical Therapy & Owner

Christi has been practicing physical therapy for over 22 years in the outpatient setting. She graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1997. She then went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Western University of Allied Health Sciences in Pomona, CA in 2002. Christi spent an entire year in a Manual Therapy based Residency program and has extensive certifications and experience in Functional and Integrative Manual Therapy, Vestibular Rehab, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Cranio-Temporal Mandibular Dysfunctions, and Sports Rehab. She is also a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, and Certified Clinical Instructor. Christi has a long history of working with high school, college, and elite athletes as well as with the general population. She strongly believes that every person has untapped existing potential to heal given the right environment for healing.  Her treatment philosophy involves a lifelong, comprehensive and integrative systems approach to physical therapy with a special emphasis on incorporating manual therapy to find the driver of the symptoms. Christi looks forward to the opportunity to educate her patients, fellow colleagues and practitioners, and the general public about the gift of wellness and health in promoting a fuller quality of life through Pre-habilitation and aftercare at our clinic in the Normandy Park community. In her spare time, Christi enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures and is often considered a “foody”. She lives for outdoor activities including skiing, golf, volleyball, soccer, and hiking. Additionally, she loves singing and playing drums. She feels grateful to be able to share her life with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


Laura Douglas


Physical Therapist

Laura has been a Physical Therapist for 26 years.  She got her undergraduate degree from Western Washington University in Exercise Science and then went on the earn her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington, graduating in 1993. She has been working exclusively in outpatient orthopedics for the past 22 years. She enjoys working with teens through senior citizens treating orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal dysfunction and post-operative rehabilitation. She believes that there is always more to learn about the body and strives to find the most effective treatment techniques to get results that her patients can see and feel right away and provide education regarding their condition to empower them to better manage their symptoms independently between sessions and throughout their lives. The past 3 years she has focused her continuing education on courses to treat Pelvic Floor Dysfunction including the use of biofeedback equipment as well as courses through The Institute of Physical Arts for the core and pelvic girdle.  Through the Titleist Performance Institute, she has certifications for: The Body-Swing Connection (Golf Screen), Golf Fitness, and Medical for treatment of golf-specific injuries and golf-specific rehabilitation. She is also certified in the use of K-Coach which provides 3D data for assessment of the golf swing as well as constructing personalized, biofeedback driven programs with training drills and exercises. She just celebrated her 25th Wedding Anniversary on NYE 2019 and has 2 boys, Freshman and Sophomore, at the UW so the Husky tradition continues. In her free time, she likes to go to movies and travel to hot sunny places in the winter.  She has become a real rugby fan with season tickets for the Seattle Seawolves, Seattle’s Major League Rugby team.


Aaron Keeney


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Aaron received his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Washington in 2016 and has also worked as a certified nuclear medicine technologist with a specialization in cardiology.  He has worked primarily in orthopedics with a neuro-motor focus, helping people from ages 0 to 99.  He has completed post-graduate coursework on muscle energy technique and pain classification for chronic pain treatment.  Aaron believes in empowering his patients to be the “pilot” and strives to be the “co-pilot” for their healing, offering knowledge about evidence-based treatment, cutting-edge techniques, and experience about what has worked for other people.  In his spare time, he loves cycling, running, geocaching, and keeping up with his wife and three young daughters.

Sarah Mattingly


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Sarah is originally from the Chicago suburbs and received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Contemporary Dance from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2012. She then earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. Sarah has expertise in treating a variety of orthopedic dysfunctions and has specialty training in Pilates-based rehabilitation. She has a passion for vestibular therapy including fall prevention, dizziness, and imbalance and has her Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Therapy (CCVT).  Sarah strongly believes that patient education is essential for a full recovery and lifelong wellness. She values meeting each individual where they are in their healing process, finding the root cause of their issue, and assisting them to reach their personal goals. In her free time Sarah enjoys dancing, Yoga, baking muffins, listening to live music, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Ann Knapp


Physical Therapist

Ann graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 1994 after having attained both her undergraduate degree in Biology and her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy.  She has practiced locally in outpatient orthopedics for the past 26 years. Her passion is to keep patients active no matter their age or activity.  Previously a competitive cyclist, she understands the pain and frustration of injury and enjoys working with athletes to help them maximize participation in their sport. She especially appreciates the geriatric population and problem-solving to allow this age group to remain independent and functioning safely in their living spaces.  Finally, she has experience working with cancer patients and assisting with rehabilitation for cancer fatigue-related issues.

A true Northwest native, Ann was raised and still resides in Des Moines, WA. She appreciates and savors all that the area has to offer.  When she is not working, she might be seen running, biking, skiing at Crystal Mountain, or paddling the Puget Sound.  She and her husband homeschool their daughter and will admit they have met their ultimate challenge (and learned quite a bit along the way as well.)


Bryce Domingo


Licensed Massage Therapist / Physical Therapist Assistant

Bryce has been practicing physical therapy and massage therapy Since 2002, working in mostly post-surgical inpatient orthopedic and outpatient orthopedic settings.  Bryce graduated from The University of Hawaii in Asian Studies and went on to obtain a massage degree from Hawaii College of Health Sciences and a PTA degree from Kapi’olani Community College. Bryce feels very aligned with the Kintsugi mission to provide a synergistic approach to health and wellness, based on individual needs and goals. Bryce enjoys spending time with his wife and son, traveling, yoga, playing the ukulele, and visiting his homeland of Windward O’ahu.

Emily Wahlborg

 PTA, Astym Cert, CKTP, CCI

Physical Therapist Assistant

As a 2005 graduate from Green River Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Emily has 13 years of experience in the field of physical therapy.  She has worked in the outpatient setting treating orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal dysfunction, post-operative rehabilitation, lymphedema, and cancer rehabilitation.  Emily is a Certified Astym Provider, Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner, and Credentialed Clinical Instructor.  She has a special interest in manual therapy and has also received training in Muscle Energy Techniques and the Strain-Counterstrain technique.  Emily believes in a holistic approach to physical therapy and strives to personalize every treatment session to meet the needs of her patients.   Emily is a mom to two beautiful, rambunctious boys and a dedicated wife to her husband of 15 years.  She has a deep love of the water and enjoys swimming and paddling on the Hood Canal.  She also enjoys cooking, sourdough baking, knitting, reading, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Lori Kellum


Physical Therapist Assistant

Lori graduated from Greenriver Community College Physical Therapist Assistant program in 2000 and has been practicing in an outpatient physical therapy environment for over 21 years. Lori has a specialty in Fall Prevention & enjoys working with all patient populations.  Lori believes patients need to have an active role in their health & wellness in order for them to return to their previous level of function. She believes in educating patients in lifelong wellness practices so they can advance their personal goals while in therapy & help prevent future injuries from occurring.  In her spare time, Lori enjoys traveling, running, biking, playing soccer, and spending time with her husband and son.  

Sarah Chow Kintsugi

Sarah Chow

Front Office Coordinator

Sarah is originally from Northern CA (Bay Area) and moved to Washington when she was a child. After completing high school, she decided to go back to California to complete her Bachelor of Science Degree at Dominican University of California with a major in Biology. Sarah loves being in the medical field and helping others improve their quality of life. She believes that every encounter from the beginning to the end is an integral part of the patient’s entire healing experience and she is happy to assist in that process. Being from the Bay Area, Sarah is a big fan of Bay Area professional teams.  In her spare time, she loves to experience different foods, workout, and spend time with her family.

Purpose: Why we exist…

Kintsugi exists to bring superior value and empower you to live a joyful, healthier life.

Mission: What we do…what sets us apart from other competitors?  

Our mission is to empower you to meet your prehab, rehab, and wellness needs by providing personalized, high value, professional, and holistic care.

Vision: Where are we going and how will we know when we have arrived?

We will be recognized by the Normandy Park community as the leader in providing the most integrated and personalized care for prehab, rehab, and wellness services.  Recognized by the healthcare profession as a healthy and desirable business who values and promotes our employee’s job satisfaction and positive life-work balance.  Recognized the world over as the industry leader in embracing one’s imperfections, living intensely, and finding happiness through Kintsugi Nation.

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